Gifts "n" Greetings
The Best Gifts Shop

Gifts n Greetings having pioneered the concept of gifts in the country, today has become a driver of
marketplace innovation and a contributor in local economies. Started with a single store in 1992 in
Kolkata, by the enterprising Mr. Anish Kumar Kesari, the brand has established a new edge to the home
decor gifting culture in the country. With his determined efforts and desire to create an extraordinary
brand, GNG has grown with the core emphasis across portfolios on customer delight and constant aspiration
to deliver exclusivity. Today, we lead the idol and gifting industry within 120 cities, pan India. While
the business opportunities are enormous, the commitment to our consumers and our associates is even
greater. We take pride in our extensive network and novelty, in equal measure. GNG is consciously
foraying into small towns and every nook and corner of the country to mark its presence.

Welcome to Gifts n Greetings, the Maker’s Market. We are THE platform for unique gifts, art, craft,
candle and home decor created by artisans of West Bengal . Not only are we a collector’s dream, but also
a makers’ hub. We are your source of products that are not mass-produced, that have individuality and
character and cater to connoisseurs of the same.To the folk’s who’ve dropped by – If you’re tired of
gifting the same accessories as all your friends, having the same furniture and home decor as all your
neighbors, then welcome to Gifts n Greetings. Our makers market is the perfect place to find products
that match your personality and aren’t mass-produced. Read about the people behind your Favorited
purchases and even interact with them when you want something customized.