Laxmi Puja is very important for all hindu.

Laxmi Puja

Significance of Laxmi Puja:

Laxmi Maata is an embodiment of power and intelligence as she holds the abhay gesture and gyaan gesture in her right hands. Her left hands hold a pot of wealth depiction what she can bestow upon any person. Hence, her four hands signify dharma, kaama, artha and moksha. One will see her radiate with a gorgeous golden complexion in all her depictions. Being the divinity of wealth, she adorns gold ornaments and is draped during a imperial red saree. She is always amid an elephant on each side, spraying water, that denotes purity, knowledge and a force of religious happiness. Laxmi puja is very important for all family.

Laxmi is usually prayed on the Amavasya night on Diwali. Another common Laxmi Puja is understood as the Ashta Laxmi Pooja. This Puja refers to praying to the eight divine forms of Devi Laxmi. except this, Maha Laxmi is also prayed during Navratri on the fourth, fifth and sixth Day that are dedicated to her. The prayers are meant to invoke Laxmi Maata’s blessings thus as to heal folks from pecuniary troubles and/or bless them with the correct and ethical data.

Benefits Laxmi Puja:

Any Laxmi Pooja that is finished with complete devotion blesses the believer with material and religious riches, removes obstacles and provides fulfillment within the completely different areas in life. Praying to every of the Ashta Laxmi provides specific advantages or reliefs like –Prayers to Devi Dhana Lakshmi – adorer is endowed cash and riches.Prayers to Devi Gaja Lakshmi – adorer is endowed mobile properties i.e. vehicles.Prayers to Devi Adi Lakshmi – adorer is endowed endless prosperity.Prayers to Devi Vijay Lakshmi – adorer is endowed success and bravery.Prayers to Devi Dhairya Lakshmi – adorer is endowed patience and objectiveness.Prayers to Devi Dhaanya Lakshmi – adorer is endowed food, nourishment and health.Prayers to Devi Vidya Lakshmi – adorer is endowed knowledge.Prayers to Devi Santan Lakshmi – adorer is endowed kids and family.Thus, performing a Laxmi Puja helps defend a true adorer from failures, poverty, hunger, debts, loss of wealth and pecuniary crunches and difficulties.

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